Odisha Goes Digital In Education With Smartbooks In Schools

The Board of Secondary Education (BSE) has introduced Quick Response (QR) codes on textbooks for class IX and X students in Odisha. This step will enable the students to get an in-depth understanding of the topic, with audio-visual learning and further information.

The QR code will allow students to study the content on their cell phones, enabling mobility of their textbooks to any place without carrying the excess weight. The QR codes are available on the index and first page of all chapters of textbooks. Students will be able to access digital information along with the audiovisuals by scanning the QR code through the ‘Diksha’ application.

“The QR codes have already been introduced in many books and the students are now accessing the books digitally. This will be more helpful as they are getting extra content on their subjects,” said Ramashis Hazra, BSE Secretary. Hazra also shared his belief that the students will be attracted to the digital platform and find joy in studying.

The uses of the mobile application along with diagrammatic representations have been explained in the first pages of each book. A student needs to install the Diksha app on their mobile phones, and go to the ‘student’ option in the app, and start exploring the QR codes. The e-book version of the textbooks is also available on the Diksha website.

There has been a positive response from students making the initiative fruitful. Earlier, this feature was introduced by CBSE and ICSE. The state boards of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, are also enrolled with the Diksha app. Now, Odisha is also added to the list.

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