Facebook’s Initiative GOAL To Uplift Odisha’s Village Girls

Tech giant Facebook is set to launch its ‘Going Online As Leaders’ (GOAL) initiative, across five states in India, with Odisha being one of them.

GOAL aims at imparting digital literacy, along with leadership and entrepreneurship skills, to tribal girls from five states – Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh – for the duration of one year. This would enable students to become village level digital leaders in their respective communities or tribes.

The programme would have on-ground trainers to provide hands-on experience to the candidates. Twenty-five women from different fields would also mentor the students via various other digital interfaces like WhatsApp.

“The Internet, especially social media, over the past few years, has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for empowering women from across India’s diverse social economic backgrounds and varied cultural roots”

said Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, Facebook-India, South and Central Asia.

In this age where technology is developing rapidly, obtaining digital literacy is crucial. Imparting this skill among village girls is a unique way to empower them.

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