Comet NEOWISE to be Visible in India for 20 Days

Comet C/2020 F3, alternatively known as NEOWISE, will be visible in India in the north-western sky from July 14, Odisha’s Pathani Samanta Planetarium deputy director Dr Subhendu Pattnaik said. A comet still remains an attraction for stargazers and regularly features in folklore for its bright tail. It shall remain visible for a period of twenty days, he added.

NEOWISE, which was so far visible as a pre-dawn sky object, shall now be best-viewed post-sunset, NASA observed.

“From July 14, C/2020 F3 will be clearly visible in the north-western sky. It will be visible after sunset for around 20 minutes for the next 20 days. People can observe it with naked eyes. A far better viewing perspective will be available in the evening sky starting around July 14, when it will appear low in the northwest sky (20 degrees from the horizon) for around 20 minutes. In the evenings to follow, the comet will rapidly climb higher in the sky and will be visible for a longer period,” said Dr Pattnaik.

Discovered only this March by NASA’s NEOWISE mission, the comet promises to be a show-stealer with its dazzling appearance. Headed back on its journey towards the outer solar system, it will make its closest approach to Earth on July 22 at a distance of 103 million kilometres.

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