Sevenfold Increase In Learner’s License Applications

Odisha has witnessed a substantial increase in application and issuance of driving licenses, with a whopping 5.87 lakh learner’s license issued in the past three months. This is due to the newly introduced Motor Vehicles Act which imposes strict penalties on drivers for lack of documentation.

According to the State Transport Authority, RTO’s in Odisha have issued 5.87 lakh learners license between September to November 2019. Meanwhile, in comparison, only 3.48 lakh learner’s licenses were issued in the state in the entire year of 2018.

In the same period last year (September to November 2018), merely 84000 learner’s licenses were issued in the entire state.

“As per the directions of Chief Minister, state transport authority has taken various steps to increase testing capacity by providing more computers, conducting camps in far off places and opening offices beyond regular hours and on holidays,” read a statement from Transport Department.

Although the state government recently allowed another three-month extension for vehicle owners to update required documents, they have made it clear that there will be no leniency for violators of traffic rules. Strict penalties will be imposed for drunken driving, over speeding, triple riding on a two-wheeler, red light jumping, using cell phones while driving, driving against the flow of traffic, not wearing helmet and seat belt among others.

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