Odisha to Monitor Road Security via Online Platform

Odisha government is launching an online platform to monitor, track and record multiple road security parameters. This platform will be integrated with Sarathi and Vahan applications to retrieve data on vehicles and drivers.

The Road Safety Management System (RSMS) will be a one-stop clarification for tracking road accidents, black spot examinations, and traffic violations. A collective inspection setup will be developed under the IT platform through a web application for road accidents. Inspecting officials will document their inspections and submit them online. These records will help generate vital information through a management information system.

Sanjeeb Panda, the transport commissioner, said that the RSMS would be GPS and Google map-connected and blended with district road safety monitoring cabinets so that the actions can be inspected online.

“The corrections made by the engineering department will be recorded in the system along with the regular analysis of black spots on the highways. It will also have a reference on road safety education developed for school children. People can submit an application for claims on hit and run cases and other online services,” Panda said.

The state administration has introduced several measures to bring down road fatalities that have increased after the lockdown ended. The Supreme Court committee has issued a directive on Road Safety. The Transport department after following the direction emphasised the joint inspection of places of all significant accidents by MVI, police, and road authority engineers to determine the exact reason for the mishaps. The districts where lethal accidents are on the rise have been advised to strengthen enforcement against traffic offenders.

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