Odisha Government To Enhance Solid Waste Management Procedure

In a bid to streamline sold waste management in the state, the Odisha government has issued a Standard Operating Procedure and encouraged all urban local bodies (ULBs) to assign Swachh Sathis in their respective Wards.

The ULBs will be responsible for conducting orientation sessions to brief Swachh Sathis on various components of solid waste management. These Swachh Sathis will receive an honorarium of Rs 4,000 for 600 households per month. They will act as agents of change at the household level, ensuring timely collection and segregation of waste.

The ULBs have been instructed to chart out a detailed action plan indicating vehicle number, time of waste collection, time and location of unloading saleable and non-saleable dry waste and more.

“The Swachh Sathis will also engage supervisors selected from local women self-help groups. They will be paid `8,000 per month for 2,400 households. An OSD (sanitation) will also be designated among the existing ULB staff to oversee the whole process and logistics,” stated an official of the Housing and Urban Development department.

Besides segregating and processing the waste, civic bodies have also been advised on constructing Micro Composting Centres and On-site Composting Centres. Meanwhile, the ULBs will take charge of developing a robust mechanism for timely selling of compost generated from these centres.

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