No Loss Of Life Due To Amphan, Say Officials

The Odisha government has claimed that no loss of human life has been reported in the state due to cyclone Amphan. There were reports earlier speculating two cyclone-related deaths in Bhadrak and Kendrapara districts. However, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) PK Jena claims the causes were different.

As per the collectors of the two districts, no deaths have occurred due to the cyclone. Although two casualties were reported on the day, their deaths were not because of the cyclone, said an official.

Bhadrak District Collector Gyanranjan Das and Kendrapara Collector Samarth Verma said they made a personal visit to the houses of the deceased.

“I have visited the house of the child in Tihidi block of Bhadrak. But, I found that the four walls of the house were intact and did not collapse. Though it was alleged that the child died due to cyclone, I am not convinced keeping in view the circumstantial evidence,” said Das.

Meanwhile, Verma said that there was no question of a collapse as the deceased woman lived in a pucca house. The woman passed away in her house due to natural causes related to old age, he said.

Notably, this is the first time that there has been no cyclone related death in the state.

Just a year ago, cyclone Fani claimed around 64 lives and caused significant damage to infrastructure.

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