Muslim Community Unhappy With CM

A large number of protestors including farmer leaders, student activists, Dalit leaders have taken to the streets in Odisha’s capital city to express their discontent against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC and the attack on Jamia students. The protestors have been witnessed conducting peaceful rallies, holding placards and wearing black ribbons on their arms to boycott the CAA.

The said community has also submitted an open letter to Chief Minister, appealing to uphold his father Biju Pattnaik’s legacy and his secular credentials. Via the letter, activists have urged Patnaik to remember the statement he made in 2009 saying “My every single Bone is Secular”.

The letter states that CAA is unconstitutional and it violates Article 14. It also requests Patnaik to stick by his promise of not implementing NRC in Odisha – one he had made to the Muslim leaders who met him at his office.

The organizer of the rally, Shahnawaz said, “CAA and NRC have devastated our Indian Constitution. We are bound by the constitution of India and the CAA has violated the Constitution. It has violated Article 14 of the Constitution. This BJP government has violated this norm. This Act has excluded Muslims that means Right to Equality has totally been violated. We are protesting and confident that this Act will be taken back by the government.”

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