MP Achyuta Samanta Brings Up Key Issues At The Parliament

Kandhamal MP Achyuta Samanta, during his reply to the motion of thanks on the President’s address, highlighted various critical issues of Odisha that needs urgent attention.

Though the President has pointed out the need for building natural disaster resilient infrastructure in Odisha, he has not given definite answers on the demand for a special state status. Keeping in mind the multiple natural calamities that take place, the state should be given adequate waivers, financial assistance, and compensation to face the same.

Pointing out the distress of the farmers, the MP mentioned the KALIA scheme in the state, which aims to improve productivity and insurance cover, providing long term support to farmers. He also mentioned about Odisha being neglected in aspects of giving due recognition to its historic monuments.

He also raised the point that Odisha government has constantly supported Railways by covering 50% of the cost of construction of railways, while also providing free land, and still there hasn’t been much progress. Several projects get stalled and the age-old promise of extension of railways to Kandhamal is yet to be completed.

In addition to this, he pointed out the several difficulties in his constituency, Kandhamal. He urged that some iconic sites of Odisha must be considered and taken up for development. It can boost the socio-economic development of the region. The issue of a deficiency in teledensity and banking density was also put up with a special emphasis on Kandhamal.

On an ending note, he emphasized on the need for better skill training of the youth as it would enable us to be a thriving 5 trillion dollar economy.

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