Enough Beds In Quarantine Centres, Says State Government

The Odisha government has confirmed that the rush of migrants would not be a problem to the state as only 30 percent of the quarantine facilities have been used until now, and they are ready to handle any rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

“Though around 8 lakh beds have been created in over 16,000 temporary medical camps or quarantine centres, only 3 lakh beds were occupied. Also, around 1 lakh people have been sent home on successful completion of institutional quarantine”, said Chief Secretary, Asit Tripathy.

According to official figures, over 3 lakh people have already returned to the state in the last four weeks by trains, buses, and other vehicles while around 5 lakh more are expected in the next few weeks. “The community is now accepting returnees upon their return home from the quarantine centres. The returnees have been provided with discharge certificates”, he mentioned, on the social stigma about the returning migrants.

“The temporary medical camps at the gram panchayat level are doing a great job in containing the spread. About 95 percent of positive cases are from the quarantine centres. This shows the robustness of our system and the efforts put in by sarpanches, people’s representatives, and the entire government machinery. I appreciate each one of you for working day and night in our fight against COVID-19”, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

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