ECoR sets up Task Force to examine Land Records

The East Coast Railway (ECoR) has formed a land records task force to evaluate and examine the land records under its jurisdiction. This will help improve accessibility and enhance indexing for future reference. The task force has been entrusted with the job to plan, coordinate, monitor, execute and demarcate railway land boundaries.

The task force will primarily take stock of the total land estate available with ECoR and subsequently arrange for the verification of title deeds in possession. If a particular title deed is not found, it will arrange RoRs for such records. The panel will also settle any disputes as regards to the delimitation of railway land with the civilian space. It shall also supervise instances of the signing of land licensing agreements wherever the records are not available.

The ECoR wishes to set up a digital inventory of all land under its holding along with other relevant data. Vidya Bhusan, who heads the ECoR as the General Manager, directed officials in the loop to execute the entire process by the onset of the next financial year. Estate officers from all three divisions, including those from the Mancheswar Carriage Repair Workshop, will be a part of the task force.

Apart from the immediate objective of assessing the land records, the general manager also laid emphasis on ECoR’s plans to drive the message of social forestry and horticulture. “Open spaces should have small area of soft soil space so that different types of plants can be arranged in a better manner. Trees with large canopy and large girth like banyan and peepal will be in a group and to be planted in large open space areas. Residential areas like colonies and establishment areas like office complexes will be preferably planted with fruits and flower trees in the space available,” Bhushan said.

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