Drones To Monitor Traffic Violation In Bhubaneswar

The police department will be monitoring traffic violations using drones, to keep a check and ease vehicular congestion in one of the busiest stretches i.e. traffic junctions between Airport Square and Rabindra Mandap Square in Bhubaneswar. Sudhansu Sarangi, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack twin city police commissioner stated that the use of drone cameras is to keep a tab on violators who resort to rash driving or those who drive out of their lanes. These drones will help in easing the work of traffic personnel.

“We are basically using technology to solve our own problems that have become a headache. We would use the drone cameras for next 2-3 months to observe the traffic and pin down violators,” said Sarangi, who took charge as the head of the police commissionerate last week. It was reported by numerous traffic personnel that bike riders often resort to zigzag driving when green lights flash at traffic junctions. This unruly riding process caused numerous accidents and chaos. The use of drones could go a long way in identifying these cases and would discipline them.

Sources said that the police is likely to issue an order soon to identify different stretches in the city as ‘no overtake’ zones. At least 350 violators are being caught on CCTV cameras every day at AG Square, Master Canteen, Raj Mahal, Kalpana Square, Ram Mandir Square and Nalco Square.

The government is planning to impose a hefty penalty from September 1 on violators under The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019. Bikers riding without a helmet will be fined with Rs. 1000 under the amended law whereas driving without a licence may cost Rs 5,000. Meanwhile, drunk drivers are subject to a fine of Rs 10,000.

Notably, the Odisha government has earlier used drones for certain tasks but this is perhaps the first time that it will be used for traffic management.

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