Western Odisha Celebrates Puspuni Festival

The people of western Odisha gathered in hundreds for the annual Puspuni festival held in Sambalpur on 21st January 2019. This agricultural festival is observed after the harvest of Kharif paddy crop, during ‘Pausa Purnima’ – the day of the crescent in the Odia month of Pausa. Its significance does not end there, as it also marks the end of the contract between the landowner and the farmer for the year.

The festival revolves around the harvest garnered in the agricultural belt of Odisha. This day of celebration provides farmers with a much-needed break from their hectic schedule at the fields and gives them an opportunity to look back and cherish their hard-work.

The atmosphere is electric as traditional mouth-watering dishes like kakara, manda, arisha, ras bara, mung bara, malpua among other dishes are prepared by the residents. Children move around the city singing folk songs and collect rice, money, vegetables, and the likes, to contribute to the festival. This activity not only creates a stronger bond between generations but also inculcates in people the virtues of responsibility.

A similar festival is organised in Bargarh, to mark the killing of demon King Kansa during Dhanu Yatra.

Such festivals prove to be an important medium for villagers and city-dwellers alike to get their traditional taste in today’s modern world. Odisha, being a culturally rich state, offers many such wonders; each of them dipped in a cream of cultural richness.

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