Payment of Traffic Fines Made Easy!

The state transport authority (STA) of Odisha is all set to unveil a mobile app-based payment system through which traffic violators can pay fines instantly. This app will help in simplifying and streamlining the process of payment for traffic fines. An app based payment will especially benefit the citizens who don’t carry cash/cards everywhere. All one has to do is download the unified payment interface UPI app on their mobile phones and use it to pay fines.

“We will integrate the app based payment system with our e-challan devices. The mobile application will scan a quick response or QR code shown on e-challan devices, enabling people to make instant fines or fee transfers”

STA chairman and transport commissioner Sanjeeb Panda said.

The STA has also implemented an e-challan system with effect from 6th December and has discontinued the traditional mode of hand written challans. Since it’s launch, RTO’s across the state have issued close to 25,000 e-challans.

As India moves towards digitization, such advancements are encouraging for the state of Odisha. This move will clearly benefit both parties – the authorities as well as the citizens.

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