Odisha To Have A Watchdog For Healthcare Sector

With an eye out for the upcoming general elections, health rights campaign group Swasthya Adhikar Forum has launched the People’s Health Campaign in Unit-IV, Bhubaneswar.

The Forum will travel to Odisha in three phases. The first phase of the campaign is envisaged to influence party manifestos. The second phase would involve voter and citizen awareness on the importance of sound healthcare and associated institutional rights. Lastly, the third phase would involve the CSO, media and other key state actors to track manifesto inclusions and progress thereon.

Consultations that will be organised include the collaborative inputs from different organisations and networks which work on health issues and affect day-to-day life for many of Odisha’s multiethnic and diverse communities. Swasthya Adhikar Forum has in consultation with people’s organisations at the grassroots level, helped influence manifestos on critical health issues – cutting across political lines. A number of civil society organisations, development practitioners and thinkers, and even media representatives have been invited to take part in the consultation proceedings.

Gouranga Mohapatra, a health activist and member of the forum remarked, “We will look at the health scenario of the state and how much government health scheme is implemented… the campaign survey will be sent to the government” he said, adding that the Forum would demand the government to implement free health service for the poor.

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