Odia Boys Break World Records

Odisha based Sachin Behera and Aman Chhatria registered their names in the Guinness World Records in knee strike and hip hop dance respectively. Meanwhile, Bibhu Prasad Sahu, founder of the Youth for Social Development (YSD), has been chosen for the International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) of the Department of State of the USA.

  1. Sachin Behera, a 19-year-old resident of Nuapada district set a world record by striking an object 137 times with two knees in a minute. The previous record was held by Jayant Reddy, who had managed 115 knee strikes.
  2. Aman, a resident of Kantabanji area of Balangir, found his place in the Guinness World Records by performing 51 hip-hop steps in a minute. Chhatria is a student of pharmacy in an Odisha based medical college. The previous record holder was Pakistan’s Farhan Ayub who had performed 41 hip hop steps in a minute.
  3. Bibhu Prasad Sahu‘s “Transparency and Accountability in Government” theme will measure how transparency and accountability assure public trust in the honesty and legitimacy of elected officials and public staffs. Sahu will visit Washington DC, Springfield, Jacksonville, Portland and Chicago throughout March and April with leaders from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Maldives.
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