Serological Survey: 1.4% develop Antibodies in Bhubaneswar Compared to 24% in Delhi, Mumbai

Merely 1.4 percent of the people chosen for the serological survey conducted by ICMR-RMRC in Bhubaneswar have developed anti-bodies for Covid-19. About 951 samples were collected for the first phase of the study, officials of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) confirmed.

“It has been found that community-level exposure to SARS Cov 2 virus is relatively low with a pooled Sero-prevalence of 1.4 percent. This implies that large-scale transmission has probably not occurred in the city,” said officials.

A low level of exposure means the population is still susceptible to the infection and hence all preventive measures suggested by the Government must be followed, they added. “Every citizen has a role to play in the fight against Covid-19,” said Municipal Commissioner Prem Chandra Chaudhary.

Meanwhile, the second phase of sample collection has begun in the capital city. In this phase, samples of people from high-risk groups will be collected. It will include journalists, doctors, police, street vendors among others.

Similar serological surveys conducted in the metro cities have shown contrasting results. In Delhi, out of the 21,387 people tested, about 23% have developed antibodies. Meanwhile, in Mumbai, about 24% of the 9590 people tested have developed antibodies for Covid-19.

These results imply that as compared to the metro cities, exposure to the virus has been lesser in Bhubaneswar. This means that the state capital is more vulnerable to a fresh outbreak if safety measures are not followed. Perhaps the ongoing lockdown would help in containing the spread of the infection. But some would say it’s only a matter of time unless the citizens take responsibility and follow all the guidelines in place.

Notably, in addition to the sero survey, rapid antigen tests are also being conducted in the state capital. Test results of 55 media personnel have come out negative, officials said.

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