PwDs in Odisha get Artificial Limbs, Jobs and a Life of Dignity

The Regional Centre for Disability Rehabilitation (RCDR) in Sambalpur district has been responsible for changing the lives of several accident victims. It has aided numerous people in Odisha who have become unfortunate casualties of road mishaps by providing them artificial limbs.

Soubhagya Pradhan, a resident of Sambalpur, had lost a limb in an accident which disrupted his daily life. The RCDR came to his rescue a few months back and helped him get an artificial limb after which Pradhan learnt a new skill and now rejoined work. He then went ahead and learnt how to drive and has a job that fetches him Rs 8,000 per month.

Another resident of Baijamunda village, 21-year-old Chaitanya Kumbhar, who lost his limbs in an accident, had become dependent on his family. The RCDR helped him get artificial limbs and the district administration donated an e-rickshaw to him. These are just a few examples of the work that RCDR is putting in to help accident victims.

“Almost 80-90 per cent of people who come to RCDR for getting artificial limbs are willing to earn a livelihood on their own. While some of them want to do a job or continue their studies, the majority is keen to learn a new skill and become self-employed,” said Rabindra Satpathy, the district disability rehabilitation officer (DDRO).

Notably, 42 people have been provided artificial limbs between June to October and all of them are currently employed.

“By providing artificial limbs to the disabled, we can help them become self-dependent and mitigate the social stigma they face. However, once they start walking and live like any other normal person, a need for their economic rehabilitation also arises. To address these issues, along with their usual financial assistance, we are tagging these people with the CMRF or providing them with Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) loans accordingly to help them become self-employed,” said Sambalpur Collector Subham Saxena.

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