Government Restricts Access To Puri Jagannath Temple

Amidst the soaring tensions about the spread of COVID-19, the state government has decided to close the 12-century temple for devotees from 20th March till 1st April.

“The Puri district administration has restricted access of the general public to Jagannath Temple from tomorrow. In this spirit, the State government has instructed religious institutions, including temples, mosques, and churches, to enforce similar restrictions”, said Subroto Bagchi, who is the chief spokesperson for Odisha’s fight against COVID-19. He mentioned the rituals of the temples would continue as usual.

The government has also suspended all examinations, along-with stopping the paper checking of previous examinations.

The government has now shifted to the grass-root level and is conducting emergency meetings at the gram panchayats. Currently, 2.37 lakh members of 6798 gram panchayats have been sensitized, and 7176 temporary medical camps have been established. As per information from the State government, 3183 isolation beds, including over 2150 beds in Cuttack, have been created in the state. A total of 94 hotels have been identified with quarantine facilities for Coronavirus affected patients.

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