COVID-19: Recoveries double in 27 days, Odisha surpasses 2 Lakh mark

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all parts of the world and left several nations severely paralysed. In India, the first onset of the virus appeared in mid-February. When it ultimately reared its deadly head towards the end of March, nationwide lockdowns were put in place. Odisha was one of the first states to impose shutdowns in the public space, by ordering closure of all gatherings. Since then, the cases have steadily risen and so has the recovery rate. Today, Odisha has crossed the coveted landmark of 2 lakh recoveries.

At present, the total infected in Odisha is 2,35,330, which is approximately 3.61% of the confirmed cases in India. Out of this, around 2,02,302 have recovered to put the active cases count at 32,051. The average number of confirmed cases recorded daily has recently seen a slump, with the daily count decreasing to mid-3000s from 4000 plus a week back. While it took the state around one hundred and seventy days to register 1 lakh recoveries, it took merely twenty seven days more for it to log another 1 lakh recoveries, taking the total to over 2 lakhs.

At the outset, the Ganjam district was the designated COVID hotspot in Odisha. With rapidly increasing cases and tell-tale signs of community transmission in the offing, the state administration imposed stricter lockdowns in the coastal district and allocated more number of trained medical personnel to deal with the spiralling situation. However, of late, Khordha has taken over the mantle, surpassing Ganjam on 1st September. Since then, Khordha has maintained a significant lead. Today, Khordha has around 40,702 confirmed cases, while Ganjam only maintains around 20,376 cases.

Yet, several success stories are emerging from under the hoods as days progress. One such story has been to isolate Subhas Nagar – a slum area in capital city Bhubaneswar – from the perilous effects of the coronavirus. Effective awareness campaigns, backed by sanitisation efforts from BMC, helped curb another tide of probable cases. After deliberations, Subhash Nagar’s cordoning off from the main city was uplifted – signifying yet another victory against the odds. We can certainly hope that the rest of the state will learn from such models and hit high recovery figures much earlier.

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