COVID-19: Odisha Begins Door-To-Door Survey

The Odisha government has started conducting door-to-door surveys to identify and test probable COVID-19 patients. This decision was taken after the number of positive cases rose to 4163 after a recent surge. The survey will continue until July 31.

Officials will visit households for routine checks and persons with any symptoms will be tested on priority.

“When lockdown curbs were eased, the number of cases has been going up in the country and Odisha. This is natural. According to doctors, the positive cases may continue to increase in the next four to six weeks. For balancing between life and livelihood, the government has eased restrictions. However, individual responsibility has increased. We all must be more careful”, said an official.

In India, from the earlier rate of one positive case per 200 samples, it has now increased to one in 20 samples.

However, Odisha has one of the lowest positivity as well as death rates. Using aggressive contact tracing and isolation of positive cases, the state has successfully put up an example for others to look up to.

“The positivity rate was less earlier as many tests were done at random. Under the revised ICMR guidelines, now tests are done on people with symptoms and close contacts of confirmed positive cases. That’s a reason we are able to catch more positive cases in comparatively lesser number of samples”, said the official.

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