Mayurbhanj Festival Flags Off In Bhubaneswar

Continuing with its tradition, the Mayurbhanj cultural association has kicked off the annual ‘Mayurbhanj Festival’. The three-day festival is being organised at the Utkal Bhawan from 18th to 20th January 2019.

The festival aims at promoting the cultural extravaganza and the local cuisine such as the “Mudhimansa”, of the tribal sector of Odisha. It also aims to boost tribal tourism amongst the audience. The organisers have lined-up various activities to showcase the tribal culture of Odisha. The event also provides a platform for artists to showcase acts that are unique to their respective districts.

The Mayurbhanj Festival creates a well-deserved space for the tribal people in this post-modern twenty-first-century world. The immense popularity of the festival drives the participants to continue with their efforts in creating beautiful forms of art.

The festival offers a display of fine craftsmanship in the form of the stoneware of Khiching, tassar textile products, pressed Khali leaf, Sabai grass and other forest products from Simlipal. It also preserves slowly fading cuisines, instruments, dance forms, which sketched their existence on the annals of tribal history in Odisha. The drum beats, dance moves, and the mouth-watering delicacies is a true joy to witness!

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