How COVID-19 has Redesigned the Wedding Landscape

COVID-19 has mangled the economy and will seemingly continue to do so until normalcy hits. Like many industries, the wedding industry too is bearing the brunt. It is worth billions and thrives on extravagance and pizzazz, and since circumstances have forced it to marry itself to the realities of the on-going pandemic, both wedding planners and young, enthusiastic couples are crossing their fingers for a better tomorrow. 

Even with dented hopes, some couples are going ahead and tying the knot by adapting to the situation, improvising their plan of action and overcoming the hurdle altogether. How? By redefining ‘aspirational weddings’, of course! Intimate, ingenious and inspiring – here’s how the wedding landscape has redesigned itself to fit the bill. 

Back to Base 

Destination weddings are passé – younger couples are celebrating their roots by getting married at family-owned heritage farmhouses with their closest and dearest. Since the pandemic has compelled families to cut down their roaring guest lists, weddings are now extremely intimate and ‘homely’ – exactly how the millennials like it. 

Homegrown Happiness

Tulips from Holland, enchantments from China and foreign fantasies have taken a backseat. Wedding planners are falling back on the magnificent crafts and wonders of India like meticulously grown Genda Phool, palanquins, Banarasi silks and native jewels. Indian wedding planners are actively substituting grandeur for sustainable, local and eco-friendly alternatives. 

Virtual Shenanigans 

Wedding during COVID

Wedding designers let aesthetics rule the Indian wedding scenario, especially since lockdown weddings have become phygital and must look spot-on on screens. For the dear ones who are not so near, bringing the wedding to their screens in the purest, realist and most practical way is imperative. 

Piecing Together Memories 

The pandemic has made most brides revisit their bridal style since ‘custom-mades’ and designer regalia are nearly unattainable. On the bright side, however, some brides are rummaging through their mother’s and grandmother’s wardrobes and repurposing their bedazzling, classic outfits to pay an ode to their presence in their lives. They are also enthusiastically sporting passed-down jewelry to reminisce the many stories they carry. 

Uncertainty Prevails 

Make-up and hair artists, caterers, decorators, florists and many vendors alike are knee-deep in worry owing to the changing nature of wedding parties and rituals. These vendors are overwhelmed with fret and agony, for what if these new trends catch on? What if the Big Fat Indian Wedding landscape never makes a comeback? The biggest theme, now, for every wedding, is uncertainty. 

To Silver (and Gold) Linings

All in all, the new wedding landscape has changed the way Indians look at weddings, for the better. Rituals are seen for what they truly are – celebrating new beginnings. Families are keeping a conscious tab on where the money is flowing owing to the sudden crunch. With tighter guest lists come tighter bonds and with fewer people come more tasteful interactions. Heritage, history and familial ties have made their way back into the light and are understood with a deeper passion. The real question still stands – will it last? 

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