Hottest Haircuts & Colour Trends To Try Before 2021 Ends

Fashion weeks around the world and the MET Gala saw some phenomenal new hair trends being flaunted by mega-stars while some old ones made their way back into the limelight for the nth time. While makeup took centre stage the past decade until 2020, hair is making a powerful comeback this decade and whack-to-wow mane trends are the new fad. Here are some of the hottest haircut and colour trends that you should definitely try before 2021 ends to welcome the new year on a fresh, fashionable, fun note.

Face-framing Highlights

Face-framing Highlights

‘The Money Piece’ AKA face-framing highlights start at the roots and continue through the ends of your hair and create a dazzling lightness around the face that accentuate your features and are basically effortless to manage. 2021’s favourite hair colour trend is also one of the easiest ones to pull off.



Just like the name suggests, a blonde-brown hybrid for when you can’t make up your mind whether you want to go light or dark. Typically, it’s a combination used in the form of highlights or a balayage and complements any skin tone.

Big Bold Curls

The big curly bob hairstyle

Gone are the days of taming your mane – big bold curls are the new it thing. Voluminous, bouncy curls allow you to really embrace that large mane while flaunting its natural texture, colour, size and style! Just leave ‘em and love ‘em, that’s the motto. Our favourite? The big curly bob!

Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez Hairstyle

Sand Tropez AKA winter bronde is a shade that seesaws between ash and gold and creates a rich multidimensional sandy-beige tone. Whether your hair is long, short, wavy, straight, curly, big, thin – it brings it alive and lends an all-time summer paradise vibe.

The Shag Cut

The Shag Cut Hairstyle

2020 really helped us embrace the ‘deprived of a haircut’ look, didn’t it? Well, the fashionistas made a look out of it and it doesn’t seem to want to leave very soon! If effortlessly cool is your style then a shag cut is perfect for you because it requires minimal styling while adding personality to your locks.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

Oof, after 2020, bangs are a controversial subject. However, if you want to transform your hair without going through the pain of a “process” then curtain bangs are a win-win. They frame the face and since they’re longer, they leave very little room for error.

Fresh Layers

Fresh Layers Haircut

Okay sister, if you like playing it safe, we hear you. Just get some fresh, long, textured layers and you’ll rock it for months! A few face-framing pieces and layers throughout your hair will effortlessly add volume, bounce, and personality to it, and if you’re feeling feisty, add some highlights and you’ll have yourself a party.

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