Five Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing a Lot of This 2021

We can’t speak for you, but we sure as hell are ready to welcome 2021… well dressed! We’ve been cooped up for too long in our cosy sweatpants and lounge robes (no offence to them), and we think it’s about time we put on a sense of optimism embellished with statement pieces and a voguish attitude. Let’s face it, nothing feels as good as dressing up, looking chic, fishing compliments and feeling like a diva. If not for self-preservation, it gives us a semblance of normalcy, especially considering this year has taken a major toll on our sanity, self-confidence, and most importantly… our wardrobes! Gather around, ladies, here are some of the hottest fashion trends that you will be seeing a lot of in the coming year, and hopefully, they’ll make their way into your closet!

It Was All Yellow


Even Pantone was feeling optimistic when deciding the colours of the year. To lift everyone’s spirits, one of Pantone’s Colour of the Year is ‘Illuminating’ –– a bold and bright lemony yellow that we’re (hopefully) going to be seeing a lot of soon. Inspired by, hence, are going to be the hottest fashion trends that follow, so don’t shy away from wearing yellow even to evening soirees, ‘cause, why not?


Knit wear sweater

It’s safe to say that “working from home casual” has become a trend and to amplify it some more, designers are making sure you can look your fashionable best even while you’re at your comfortable best. Knits have emerged, hence, to save the day, and are here to stay! Comfy, casual and chic, they’re perfect to kick back in, and if you add a splash of glitter or a pair of high heels, you’ll be ready to hit the city in a minute too!

Luxe Sport

Luxe Sports

Sport and fashion are a match made in heaven, and on that note, the perfect hybrids have made their way to the runway, stealing most (if not all) hearts. Brace yourselves for collections that will encourage you to enjoy a day outdoors, soaking up the sun, while donning a look that is as comfortable, voguish and flattering as it gets.

Jeans! No kidding!

Fashion Trends 2021 Jeans baggy

Denims, in all their glory, are back on the runway, so go ahead and wear them wherever you go because you’ll always be flaunting your ace fashion game (knowingly). There are countless ways to style your jeans, and sheers, by the way, are at its peak! Wear them the way you like –– wide leg, baggy, skinny, low rise, high rise… it’s all haute, haute, haute!

Cold Bold Shoulders

Fashion Trends 2021 Bold shoulder

It’s time to let those off-shoulders go, girls, because the newest trends dictate accentuated shoulders and we’re so in love with ‘em! Bringing back this magical trend from the 80s –– not only do bold shoulders enhance your posture but also make you appear taller. Even though bold shoulders are reserved for the risk-takers, they look fabulous on just about anyone. Don’t think! There’s no better time to be bolder than right about now.

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