5 Indian Health & Beauty Supplements That Are Bang for the Buck

It’s nearly impossible, for most of us, to get everything our body requires in the form of vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, herbs, veggies, fruits and more from the food we consume. Luckily, what started as a one-time boom of beauty and health supplements in India has now become a full-blown powerhouse that shoots out a variety of sterling options that cater to myriad health and beauty needs. Whether you’re looking to have lustrous locks, lit-from-within skin, or holistic wellness, there’s a supplement for you. The business of health and beauty supplements is now a force to be reckoned with and its limitless variety has us a little dizzy and spoilt for choice. Have a goal? We have a solution. Here are five of the up and coming Indian health and beauty supplements that are definitely bang for the buck.

Indian Health & Beauty Supplements

Wellbeing Nutrition

Wellbeing Nutrition is on a mission to equip you with the goodness of 39 farm-fresh fruits, veggies and greens, all while having some fun! WBN’s tiny effervescent tablets allow you to drop, fizz, green-up in the easiest way possible while providing you with the most bioavailable, convenient way out of your labyrinth of bad health and nutrition. WBN also offers Kadha in the form of an effervescent tablet, so say goodbye to sniffles, cough-coughs, aachoos and bad immunity with this dynamic duo!

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Cureveda’s mission and vision is to marry modern research to traditional Indian medical wisdom to create superlative supplements. Cureveda’s supplements are all-natural, 100% vegetarian and have no side effects. They are carefully crafted remedies for an array of health, beauty and wellness concerns that are as close to nature, scientifically backed and organic as possible. Goodness, through and through.

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Pure Cure + Co.

Ayurveda is known to be the simplest way to detox, care for and maintain your body, but concocting the perfect Ayurvedic blend that captures the essence of all the necessary ingredients is a difficult endeavour. Pure Cure + Co. amalgamates all the possible adaptogens and herbs the body needs into simple tablets to distil ayurvedic wisdom into its simplest form. It’s as easy as pop, pamper, preserve.

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Don’t we all wish gummy bears were healthy? Well, somewhere along the line Setu heard our prayers and decided to do just that – put all the nutrition the body needs into delicious gummies! Need some Vit C? Pop a gummy. Want to boost your immunity? Yes, gummy it is. Want to shed some pounds? You know it… g-u-m-m-y! Catering to a wide range of health, wellness and nutrition concerns, Setu boasts a comprehensive range of products that many swear by.

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Kapiva believes that staying healthy and fit doesn’t necessarily mean resorting to artificial means to do so. Kapiva’s mission is to simplify clean living with a rich Indian legacy, valuable traditions and the latest technologies to cater to a mass that isn’t just conscious but is ahead of its time too. Kapiva’s range of products is as vast as it gets with not just capsules, gummies and powders but jams, oils, tea and gels too. All-natural, all pure, all good – Kapiva promises you the pink of health with #NoShortcuts.

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