5 Indian Fitness Influencers That Will ‘Fitspire’ You to Push Your Limits

The fitness community on Instagram has witnessed a massive boom. The lazy and busy have also taken to following self-paced fitness regimes and benefit largely from Instagram based fitness figures. The stagnancy of the lockdown, too, has forced us to get off our mattresses and get on our mats. Besides, seeking ‘fitspiration’ on Instagram is now as easy as ever. Popular fitness icons have taken to social media to help newbies reach their goals by posting easy-to-follow fitness regimes.

Whether you’re a fitness aficionado or are looking to fit into your old jeans, here are five Indian fitness influencers who you need to follow on Instagram, stat!

Ranveer Allahbadia


Having experienced a health scare owing to obesity, Ranveer switched up to a healthier lifestyle and never looked back. Ranveer preaches the importance of staying ‘healthy’ over mindlessly hitting the gym every day. He strongly advocates healthy eating instead of strict crash diets to avoid relapses and seek long-term fitness results. Ranveer doesn’t utilize his fame just to gospelize physical health, but mental health and wellness too. If you’re looking to achieve lasting results, he’s the mentor for you. Psst, ladies, he’s super cute too!

Instagram: @beerbiceps

Yasmin Karachiwala


One of the most experienced fitness icons in the business – there’s almost nothing that this gorgeous celebrity fitness trainer cannot do. Having marshalled thousands of individuals to the better side of fitness for over 22 years, Yasmin has carved a niche for herself amongst the A-listers of Bollywood. She is the pioneer of Pilates in India and regularly posts easy-to-follow exercise regimes that anybody can master. Yasmin frequently takes to whipping up delicious and healthy meals too! So, if you’re a foodie turned fitness enthusiast, she’s the perfect mentor for you!

Instagram: @yasminkarachiwala

Avinash Mansukhani


If you’re a fan of pushing your limits, Avinash is the mentor for you. Avinash proponents achieving fitness goals with a burger in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other – because why miss out on the good things in life? A firm believer of maintaining a healthy relationship with food – Avinash chalks out bespoke fitness and nutrition regimes for his clients so that they can push themselves with a sweat-inducing workout by day and stuff their mouths with Pringles by night. Avinash also frequently challenges his tribe to fun fitness routines that allow them to break their own records and gauge what their body can do. In a nutshell, training with him is food, fitness and fiesta guaranteed!

Instagram: @fight.the.sunrise

Ayesha Billimoria


This goddess of fitness puts the ‘power’ in girl power. We ask ourselves – is there anything she cannot do? The answer is always a resounding NO! An athlete, mobility coach, running specialist, public speaker and author – Ayesha Billimoria is the modern world’s superwoman. Inspiring over 80K people with her easy-to-follow workout routines, she covers every category of fitness, from Pilates to HIIT to Kalaripayattu. Ayesha believes there are no boundaries to working out, so if you want to pump it in PJs, she will show you how!

Instagram: @fitgirl.india

Ishwari Patil


If Sima aunty has persuaded you into becoming flexible, we’ve found the perfect mentor to help you live up to that dream. One of the youngest fitness connoisseurs dominating the world of fitness on Instagram – Ishwari is a yogini, runner, strength trainer and dog mom, all while taking on the Vegan way of life. Through her aesthetic Instagram feed, she will teach you how to twist like a pretzel and become the yogi your yoga mat deserves. Ishwari also has her own diet and workout consultation service. So, if you’re a newbie and are wondering where to start, she’s your ideal mentor.

Instagram: @_ishwari_

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