5 Best Foreign-language Movies on Netflix India

Blockbuster hits such as Money Heist and Fauda have enhanced the appetite of Indian viewers for foreign-language content. Netizens are now increasingly keen on consuming content from all corners of the world. And to their delight, Netflix India has a large library of such movies and TV shows. Let’s look at some of the best foreign-language movies on Netflix India.

The African Doctor

The African Doctor Netflix Movie

Genre: Biography/Comedy/Drama
IMDb: 7/10
Language: French

The African Doctor is a quirky French comedy-drama based on the true story of Seyolo Zantoko, a medical student in Paris who turns down a lucrative opportunity to return to his home country Zaire (Congo). Instead, in pursuit of obtaining French residency, Seyolo accepts the offer to set up his practice in a small town in rural France. On their arrival, the Zantoko family are shocked by the state of the rainy and muddy countryside village. Seeing the hesitancy of the villagers to consult a black doctor, Seyolo goes out of his way to earn the villagers’ trust. The movie is about the struggle of the Zantoko family to integrate into a small rural village that is plagued with small-town politics. With enjoyable performances, the movie is a fun, light-hearted affair that efficiently balances comedy and social drama, putting a humorous spin of the ignorance on display.

The Hater

The Hater Netflix Foreign Language Movie

Genre: Thriller/Drama
IMDb: 7/10
Language: Polish

The Hater is an extremely relevant film that showcases an incredibly dark plot depicting the horrors of our world. The movie initially seems to be based on a boy’s obsession with a girl named Gabi and her parents. However, as the movie progresses, one realises it’s much more than that. The plot revolves around Tomasz, an employee of this mysterious ‘PR firm’ who uses xenophobia, homophobia and racism as tools to engage in smear campaigns to divide people in a country headed for elections. The character of Tomasz is that of an anti-hero who is essentially a revenge-seeking sociopath, driven by hate and personal gain. A cinematographic treat, The Hater is a dark and haunting experience, using odd angles and perspectives. It is about the portrayal of the internet as a dangerous weapon, and how, when in the wrong hands, can so easily create hatred and division among people. Primarily because of the films’ relevance and superb writing, The Hater is a must-watch.

Rose Island

Rose Island Netflix Foreign Language Movie

Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Drama
IMDb: 7/10
Language: Italian

Rose Island is an Italian comedy film (L’Isola Delle Rose) based on the true story of the creation of the micronation Rose Island off the coast of Italy in 1968. The movie follows the story of Giorgio Rosa, a wacky engineer who comes up with the idea of building an island in the form of a platform on the shallow ocean floor just outside Italian territorial waters. Things take a funny turn when the platform is discovered as a party hotspot by hipsters, concerning the Italian authorities, and further encouraging Rosa, who then chases sovereignty for his island platform. Rose Island is not over the top. It doesn’t go beyond its story, and the comedy is fresh and the actors likeable. It touches upon the complexities of international laws and borders in modern times but presents it in a way that viewers are more mesmerised by the music, the views and the shots than the complexities themselves. However, it is quite an engaging watch and is a tale of going ahead with one’s dreams in spite of the many hurdles bureaucracy might throw in your path.

The Fury of a Patient Man

The Fury of a Patient Man Netflix

Genre: Thriller/Drama
IMDb: 6.8/10
Language: Spanish

The Fury of a Patient Man is an intense thriller about revenge. The plot follows Jose, a solitary and reserved man, who is looking to track down the killers of his lover. His target Curro has spent 8 years in jail for armed robbery and Jose, has all this while, been planning out all the twists and turns in advance as he seeks to take revenge. Both men undertake a strange three-day trip that is filled with violence. The film has a twist-filled storyline with an extremely stylistic approach which leaves a strong impression. It is not like your average revenge-seeking storylines. The plot of the movie is mind-blowing and the directing style is close to brilliant. The character of Jose is portrayed as a man on a mission with zero emotions, yet giving the impression of being polite and humble. Torre handles such nuance with great skill. The Fury of a Patient Man will constantly keep you wondering where it’s headed, and how it will work out.

The Photographer of Mauthausen

The Photographer of Mauthausen Netflix

Genre: Biography/Thriller/Drama
IMDb: 6.8/10
Language: Spanish

The Photographer of Mauthausen is a biography that tells the true story of Francisco Boix, who was able to capture and hide hundreds of negatives depicting daily life in the Austrian concentration camp, named Mauthausen. As the war is coming to an end, Boix is ordered by the Germans to destroy the camp’s photos, but instead, he and his fellow prisoners protect these photographs and attempt to smuggle them out of the camp as evidence of brutality. The movie is important in context to Spanish history as it embraces an unsung hero of the Holocaust who died shortly after liberation. All in all, it’s a tense, finely put together drama that effectively captures and preserves the truth.

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