Odisha to send Two Tigers to Jaipur’s Nahargarh Park

Odisha is set to send a White Tiger and a Bengal Tiger from the Nandankanan Zoological Park to Jaipur’s Nahargarh Park. The exchange programme will reportedly see Alligators, Wolves Chinkaras and Leopards come in the opposite directions and into Odisha’s protected parks. The initiative will take place after the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) gives a green signal.

“Along with white tigers, birds will also be brought in the exchange programme. Work will start after the approval from CZA,” said an official from the Nahargarh Park.

The Nahargarh Biological Park has recently been in the news due to the sudden deaths of wild cats. The park is left with no white tigers currently after the demise of 15-year-old ‘Raja’ in August.

Officials are taking steps to ensure the safety of the tigers being brought in from Odisha. The forest department is planning to install CCTV cameras inside the cages of the park to enhance monitoring. This step was considered upon recommendation received by experts from the Punjab Chhatbir Zoo. These experts were called in after the untimely death of 10 big cats at the Nahargarh Park.

The cause of death seems to be due to Leptospirosis – a bacterial infection. “Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection traced to rat and mongoose urine. The disease was reported in the Chhatbir Zoo and Jodhpur Zoo in 2011. As the park is situated in the foothills, both rats and mongoose are in abundance. To fight with the menace, a decision has been taken for proper monitoring,” said the official.

Apart from monitoring via CCTV cameras, the experts from Punjab have shared the protocol in dealing with the disease. The steps suggested should be able to protect the wild cats from Leptospirosis.

Notably, Odisha’s Nandankanan Zoological Park is home to several endangered animal and plant species.

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