Conservation Project For Chilika And Ansupa

The increased focus on the development of the tourism sector has been an essential part of Odisha’s growth graph. Tourism is one of the important sources of revenue for the government and has the potential to expand even further. Hence, to attract more and more tourists, the Odisha Government has been launching several new initiatives and also amending the old ones.

Most recently, the implementation of an integrated management plan for Chilika, country’s largest brackish water lagoon, and Ansupa, State’s largest freshwater lake has been approved by the Odisha Wetland Authority at an estimated investment of ₹180 crore.

Chilika expands over an area of 1,100 sq km with plenty of tourists visiting the lake to watch endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and migratory birds during winter. The lake is also a source of principal livelihood for two lakh traditional fishermen and their families. The Odisha government would be allocating an estimated amount of ₹158 crore for the lake’s development.
On the other hand, Ansupa the smaller lake is spread over almost 2 sq km. The lake will be assigned a budget of ₹21.23 crore for further development. Ansupa is wintering ground for 32 species of migratory birds and as many as 250 fishermen depend on this lake for their principal livelihood.

Tourism, conservation of ecology and the livelihood of thousands of fishermen depending on the two water-bodies will receive a massive boost via the 5-year integration management project.

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