Bhubaneswar’s GKCM Odissi Research Centre Goes Online

COVID-19 has shaken the landscape of education, work and recreation in tectonic ways. The pandemic has forced many institutions, including those providing training in music and dance, to shift to online classes. Similarly, Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra (GKCM) Odissi Research Centre in Bhubaneswar, one of the oldest and most reputed institutions, has switched to the online mode to teach its students.

CEO of GKCM Odissi Research Centre, Sangeeta Gosain, said that a person needs practice to learn any form of art. Gosain stressed on the importance of feedback from gurus, especially when the art form is traditional and complex. The institute has arranged online classes so that the learners can be guided without hindrance.

“This pandemic is particularly stressful for artists because we cannot share our art with the world. For us, appreciation and the knowledge that our art has brought happiness to someone is worth more than a million dollars. We have been able to arrange recitals and programs on Facebook Live, and in a way, it is better because we can reach a much wider audience,” said Gosain.

Adapting to Changing Times

GKCM has cut down on its staff but has assigned a few maintenance workers who would look after the equipment. The centre has also accommodated students who couldn’t go back to their houses due to the lockdown. These students use the auditorium to practise their art form while maintaining social distancing.

Bharti Mishra, a student at the centre, claimed that every lesson amid the pandemic has been conducted online. “Video conferencing platforms have enabled us to keep in touch with our teachers. Of course, it is not the same, and it is difficult to advance in our training without physical proximity, but we are able to continue to practise what we have learned so far,” she said.

Mishra added that the beauty of the art community is that it can never stop, irrespective of crises or shutdowns. “We continue to practise and perform, and we have faith that sooner or later we will go back to performing live programs in our auditorium and across the country,” she said.

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