39th World Congress of Poets Kicks-off In Bhubaneswar

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the 39th World Congress of Poets at the KIIT University on 2nd October. Addressing the gathering of hundreds of poets from all parts of the world, he encouraged the use of poetry to bring about change and transform the social order.

The Congress is set to welcome more than 1000 poets from 82 countries discussing as well as critically appreciating poems on the theme ‘Compassion through Poetry‘.

“In the 150th year of the Mahatma, we are, in fact, celebrating the quintessence of basic human values, peace, and non-violence. In our attempts at a global society free from prejudice and a new social order in the path of peace and non-violence, our poets can alone create the kind of empathy that it needs. I would, therefore, urge all here to give it a thought,”

said the CM in his inaugural speech.

The CM also added how poets around the globe are keeping human values alive through generations by their poems. Even Indian poets successfully pointed out our social system and the socio-economic status at that time.

Remembering the contribution of Odia poets in maintaining the social value system, Patnaik said, “Odisha is a land of cultural pluralism. It has a rich and enviable tradition of poetry. From Sarala Das to Jagannath Das, from Bhimabhoi to Baladev Rath from Gangadhar Meher to Radhanath Ray, from Mayadhar Mansingh and Kuntala Kumari Sabat to Sachi Routray, our great poets have immensely contributed to enrich Odia literature, challenging social prejudices, advocating empowerment and promoting human virtues. The creative flow of expression continues unabated”.

“It is a matter of pride for Odisha and India to be hosting such a coveted Congress. This mega event will promote the art, culture, heritage, literature, tradition and tourism of India and Odisha at an international level”,

said Achyuta Samanta, MP, and Founder of KIIT and KISS, and the President of the 39th WCP.

The five-day programme includes sessions in compassion poetry, wisdom poetry, tourism poetry, spiritual poetry, and reflection poetry. The session on wisdom poetry will be held on Thursday at KIIT, while tourism poetry will be held at Konark Sun Temple on Friday. The venue for spiritual poetry is Puri Sea Beach and reflection poetry will be held at KISS.

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