Odisha Shifts Focus onto MSME, Industry for Economic Revival

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably taken a toll on the livelihood of several and pushed small industries and businesses to the edge of survival. As the harbingers of normalcy augur the idea of economic revival, the Odisha government plans to shift focus onto the revival of MSMEs and other industry sectors to ensure the livelihood of people even amidst strenuous times, Industries and MSME Minister Dibya Shankar Mishra confirmed.

“While waging a relentless fight to defeat the coronavirus to save the lives of the people, the government has given top priority to the MSME sector to boost the economy, especially in the rural areas. There are a series of high-level meetings on this matter and it has been decided to pump in as much assistance to the MSME units as possible,” Mishra said while speaking to the media.

Earlier, the Odisha government had also decided to incentivise labour intensive work for aiding the downtrodden segments of the society who have lost their jobs owing to the pandemic. It had worked upon a plan to create jobs for such migrant workers by employing them in the construction of canals, irrigation channels, and other ancillary jobs. The state is also trying to boost labour participation through MGNREGA Act, which helped Odisha to stem the sharp dip in productivity graphs after a national lockdown was announced in March.

Mishra also said that highly skilled workers from Odisha were already seen leaving the state to resume jobs in their regular workplaces. However, he said that the state is actively engaging with those who have decided to stay back and would employ them in suitable projects.

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