Odisha Entrepreneurs develop Home-cooked Food Delivery Platform

Suryanshu Panda and Epari Pritam, two entrepreneurs from Odisha, have converted the prevailing uncertainty of COVID into a business opportunity. Panda and Pritam, both graduates of Xavier’s University Bhubaneswar, started www.chefjunction.in, an online food delivery platform that calls itself as the only platform that provides home-cooked food.

“Unlike Swiggy, Zomato or UberEats, our food ordering platform delivers food prepared by people at home. Due to the high amount of spices and poor quality of cooking oil used by restaurants, food quality in local restaurants has always been a matter of concern. During the pandemic, when immunity is the biggest issue, we realised a business opportunity exists as many people may not be ready to order such food from restaurants. After some brainstorming, we decided to start a food ordering platform that would connect customers to people cooking food in their homes,” said Panda, a BBA graduate in human resources.

Chefj Junction Odisha Food Delivery Platform,

The two partners initially invested Rs 1.5 lakh, rented office space and hired around half a dozen employees. The second phase of the project included contacting several people in the city whose culinary skills were known in their small social circles and signing them up for the food platform.

“Before we sign in a person for cooking food for our customers, the first thing we see is what kind of oils and spices they are using. If a home cook wants to join, they call us, and we get to taste their food. If we like it, we get them a licence under the food safety & standards authority of India (FSSAI) which is mandatory for any food business operator under the Foof Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The licence remains valid for one year. For ensuring quality, we conduct surprise checks by ordering from the cooks without them recognising us,” said Panda.

The website was launched on August 7 and has so far received over 1200 orders. The students are now thinking of growing operations to Cuttack and southern regions of the state.

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