Bhubaneswar Hotels Allowed To Host Airline Crew

With the resumption of domestic flights, the Odisha government has allowed hotels in the capital city to host the crew members of various airlines.

“As domestic flight services resumed operations from May 25, the hotels are allowed to open their services only for crew members of airlines”, said Prem Chandra Chaudhary, Commissioner of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

However, bookings will not be allowed for any other guests. Earlier, the Odisha government had exempted a certain category of travellers from mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the state. Under the new rules, government officials, professionals, businessmen, or any other person who is coming to Odisha due to work, and intends to exit within 72 hours, is not required to undergo quarantine.

Individuals staying beyond 72 hours will have to follow the ‘pay and stay’ quarantine rules and stay in hotels that are designated as quarantine facilities.

Notably, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Odisha (HRAO) and the Indian Association of Tour Operators (Eastern Region) has asked the BMC to allow hotels in Bhubaneswar to reopen so that the travellers can be provided accommodation. The request was made after domestic flights resumed operations last week.

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